Live From Copper Leaf Villas

Today, David Jones went solo at a special event held at Copper Leaf Villas, a beautiful new development in South Phoenix. They are now showcasing their new models and their location starting around $127,000. David’s guest was Jennifer Gillom, who came on the show originally back in June 2017. She and David took a tour of the homes and remarked at how well appointed and comfortable they were.

David met guest Dr. Michael Flemister and had him on for a brief conversation. Michael is with Orange Realty and came to check out the properties and the nice layout and options available. They talked about his origins from Chicago, and his wife from Detroit and how that works during sports events. He also talked about his high school and college performance as a diver. Dr. Flemister can be reached at 480-343-1814 or his email at

Next, David and Jennifer spoke with Mary Bowden with New Covenant Realty. She talked about her experiences here at Copper Leaf Realty and what she thought about her time here at the new properties. She’s been a realtor for 31 years and talked about her experience and origins in New York. Mary can be reached at 480-720-1607.

Jennifer and David spoke with Catherine Cohen, the Executive Director of the South Mountain Chamber of Commerce. Catherine talked about the “hyper local” approach to this community and the fact that a Chamber of Commerce is back in South Mountain. Catherine can be reached at 602-313-0903 or email at

After the break they spoke with Rob Gaetano with Home Smart, who talked about selling the Copper Leaf properties. David and Rob both coincidentally had watches with dead batteries. Rob can be reached at 480-980-7969 or by email at

Kathy Laswick, Managing Broker has had a working relationship with Daniels from Copper Leaf for years and came out to show support for the launch of the properties. She talked first about how big a fan she is of the Phoenix Mercury and that she watched Jennifer Gillom play years ago. She also talked about how long she’s been with Realty One Group. She can be reached at 480-285-0000 or by email at

After the break they spoke with Jaime Morales, Realtor with Home Smart. They talked about the choices of homes and what most of the realtors preferred. Jaime talked about the changing environment with lending and how many great options are available. Jaime can be reached at at or by phone at 602-621-5362. His website is

David also closed the show by thanking Sub Zero Ice Cream and talked with Rachel, who was part of the crew here offering ice cream.

Nick with Tommy V’s in Scottsdale came on to talk about the catered dinner and what was served on site here at Copper Leaf Villas. David and Jennifer talked about how great their menu selection was. Tommy V’s is located at 7303 E Indian School in Old Town Scottsdale.

David took the opportunity at the end to talked to Tamala Daniels, who hosted this event at Copper Leaf. Jennifer and David revealed the realtor favorite floor plan, Roma, which starts at $166,500. They introduced some residents and friends of Tamala, and talked about the great community environment in the neighborhood. Tamala Daniels can be reached at or 602-281-6103.